Bylaws and Constitution

Kaltenborn-Evjenth Orthopedic Manual Therapy

Bylaws and Constitution

September 9, 2014


Article I: Name

The name of the organization shall be Kaltenborn-Evjenth Orthopedic Manual Therapy, here in after referred to as KEOMT. In these bylaws and constitution, orthopedic manual therapy may be referred to as OMT. It shall be a non-profit organization within the meaning of article 60 ff. ZGB under the laws of Switzerland. The seat of the organization shall be in Rapperswil-Jona.

Article II: Mission & Purpose

Kaltenborn-Evjenth OMT is a worldwide network of orthopedic manual therapists in the Kaltenborn-Evjenth Concept whose purpose is to promote excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with arthro-neuro-muscular conditions through the establishment of clinical practice standards, the advancement of educational and research programs, and colleagial exchange.

The purpose of KEOMT shall be to advance the clinical practice of the Kaltenborn-Evjenth Concept by methods including, but not limited to:

  1. Remaining an autonomous organization in relationship to other professional organizations;
  2. The establishment of uniform standards for recognizing professional competence;
  3. The protection, promotion and development of educational materials and curricula from the principles and practice set forth by the Founders to support professional training programs in the Kaltenborn-Evjenth Concept;
  4. Dissemination to the public of information and educational materials regarding this specialty;
  5. Recognition by admission to membership in K-E OMT of individuals demonstrating high skill, competence, and dedication to the practice of the Kaltenborn-Evjenth Concept; and
  6. Fostering the free exchange of professional information, the collegiality of members and advancement of the profession as a whole.

Article III: Membership

Section 1. Members of the current KEOMT Executive Board will be considered KEOMT members until the conclusion of the September 2015 meeting in Zaragoza, Spain.

Section 2. Qualification for membership after the September 2015 meeting in Zaragoza, Spain – to be eligible for membership, an individual must be a Kaltenborn-Evjenth OMT Certified Manual Therapy Instructor as deemed so by passage of the instructor’s standards examination given by this organization.

Section 3. Classes and voting rights of membership shall be those set forth:

  1. Member – Membership is reserved for KEOMT Certified Manual Therapy Instructors who are members in good standing. Only members of KEOMT who are members in good standing may refer to themselves as KEOMT Certified. Members have full voting rights on any motion brought before the membership.
  2. Associate Member – any licensed clinical professional, or student working towards a clinical licensure, who has completed approved Kaltenborn-Evjenth coursework may be an associate member of the KEOMT organization. Associate Members have no voting rights.

Section 4. All members have the right to attend, speak, and make/move/debate motions at business meetings.

Section 5. Good standing – An individual member shall be considered in good standing if that member has met the membership criteria of KEOMT, has current annual KEOMT dues and upholds the updated educational standards set forth the KEOMT Organization.

Section 6. Termination of Membership Rights and Privileges – Any member in any membership category who is in default in the payment of dues will have their membership revoked as outlined in the bylaws. Membership rights and privileges will be reinstated upon payment of dues.

Any member who becomes ineligible for KEOMT membership, will have their membership revoked as determined by the active Executive Board after due notice.

Decisions regarding the termination of membership rights and privileges may be appealed to the Executive Board.

Section 7. Resignation and termination:

  1. For individuals: by written resignation, exclusion or death.
  2. For corporate bodies: by written resignation, exclusion or corporate body in liquidation.
  3. Voluntary termination occurs immediately upon receipt of the intent to terminate notice from the member.
  4. Termination of membership will occur if the member’s dues are three months delinquent.

Article IV: KEOMT Structure, Obligations, Property and Records

The rules relating to KEOMT structure, obligations, property and records, shall be those prescribed by the KEOMT Executive Board.

Article V: Meetings

Section 1. Biennial Meeting

The biennial meeting shall consist of a business meeting. This meeting shall take place at a time and place of the Executive Board’s choosing.

Educational or professional programs may be presented in conjunction with the KEOMT biennial meeting.

Section 2. Notice of Meetings

Notice of the time and place of meetings shall be posted on the KEOMT website and sent electronically to KEOMT members no less than 90 days prior to the date of the meeting. The purposed agenda for meetings will be posted on the KEOMT website and sent to members electronically 30 days prior to the date of the meeting.

Article VI: Officers and Executive Committee

Section 1. Officers

Names- The officers shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and a minimum of one Member(s)-at-Large.

Qualifications – All Members in good standing shall be eligible to hold office, subject to the restrictions in this Constitution and Bylaws regarding years on the Executive Committee and consecutive years in the same office.

Nominations and Elections

Nominations – All Members may nominate candidates for office. Only those Members giving written consent to serve if elected and deemed to be qualified by the Nominating Committee may be slated. Elections held at the biennial meeting will be conducted by either a count during a “show of hands” or by the count of paper ballots. Elections held during special meetings will be conducted by email.


  1. Officers shall be elected for a term of two (2) years or until there successors are elected.
  2. Member present at the biennial meeting, or those participating in an electronic election during a special meeting, will elect the president and the Board members. The elected Board members will constitute themselves into their perspective officer positions.
  3. Newly elected officers shall assume office at the time of the election.


  1. The President shall:
    a) Call special meetings; and

    b) Preside at all meetings of the Executive Board; and

    c) Be an ex officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee; and

    d) Recommend appointees for all special and advisory committees necessary to accomplish the functions of the Organization, with the advice of the Executive Board and Patrons; and

    e) Submit the Biennial Report to the KEOMT membership and such other reports as may be required.

    f) Serve as the official spokesperson of KEOMT or appoint a designee.

    g) Represent KEOMT at international OMT meetings.

  2. The Vice-President shall:
    a) Assume the duties of the President if absent or incapacitated. In the event of a vacancy in the office of the President shall succeed to the Presidency for the remainder of the un-expired term, and the office of the Vice- President shall be declared vacant; and

    b) Be an ex officio member of all designated Committees

  3. The Secretary shall:
    a) Be responsible for editing and maintaining the minutes of both the biennial general meeting and meetings of the executive;

    b) Attend to correspondence of the Organization; and

    c) Be an ex officio member of all designated Committees.

  4. The Treasurer shall:

    a) Oversee the maintenance of complete and accurate financial records. The Treasurer shall submit the annual report in writing to the Executive Board; and b) Submit an annual financial report and proposed budget to the Executive Board; and

    c) Oversee the collection and disbursement of monies as mandated by KEOMT Executive Board,

    d) Serve on the Finance Committee as Chairman; and

    e) Be an ex officio member of all designated Committees.

  5. The Members-At-Large shall:
    a) Be an ex officio member of all designated Committees; and

    b) Be responsible for maintaining bylaws.

  6. Vacancies
    a) Appointments will be made by the President and will require the consent of a majority of the executive.

Section 2. Executive Board


    The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and a minimum of one Member(s)-At-Large.


  1. The Executive Committee shall carry out the mandates and policies of the KEOMT membership. Between meetings of the Membership, the Executive Board may make and enforce policies that are consistent with the Bylaws and policies of KEOMT.
  2. The Executive Board may appoint a representative to any organization as deemed appropriate.
  3. The Executive Board may appoint the Editor of any KEOMT publications.
  4. The Executive Board may appoint whatever other committees and chairpersons of those committees that it feels will best serve the interests of the Board.

Voting in the Executive Board

  1. Only the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Members-At-Large shall have the right to vote.
  2. Executive voting may be in person, by phone, Skype or other electronic communication, and shall be recorded by the secretary.
  3. In case of an evenly divided vote, the President shall have the authority to decide the results of the vote.

Termination of Executive Committee Officer

  1. Any one (1) or more of the Executive Board Officers may be removed, at any time, by a two-thirds majority vote of eligible voting members who participate in a special vote called for this purpose. The vote will take place by electronic ballot only after a 60-day notice to the member(s) and an opportunity for an online discussion. This process will be in compliance with KEOMT policy and bylaws.

Article VII: Finance

Section 1. Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of KEOMT shall be the same as the calendar year.

Section 2. Dues

The dues shall be set by the Executive with approval of the membership.

Dues will be paid by Members and Associate Members.

Before the expiration of membership, KEOMT dues for the ensuing twelve (12) months shall be received by KEOMT. A KEOMT member whose dues have not been received in the time frame prescribed by KEOMT policy shall be considered not in good standing in KEOMT and his/her membership shall be revoked by KEOMT Executive Committee.

Orthopedic Manual Therapists wishing to join KEOMT, or former members wishing to be reinstated in their former status, shall pay current KEOMT dues that, upon receipt of payment, will entitle them to immediate membership as long as they have met the requirements set forth in Article III, Section 2 of this document. Article III – Section 2 will supersede this section as it relates to Member reinstatement.

Special assessments must be approved by electronic ballot vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the membership, or more than fifty percent 50% of the return ballots. Notice of such proposed assessment shall have been electronically distributed to each voting member of KEOMT thirty (30) days prior to the date for action on the proposed assessment. Notification shall include the reason for the assessment, the amount proposed, and the due date. The more than fifty percent 50% of returned ballots or two-thirds(2/3) to pass the assessment will be that of all voting members and all voting members will be required to pay the assessment.

Section 3. Limitation on Expenditures

No office or committee shall expend any money not provided for in the budget proposed by the Treasurer and adopted by the Executive Committee, nor spend any money in excess of the budget allotment except by order of the Executive Committee or the Organization.

Section 4. Sources of revenue for KEOMT will be generated from annual membership dues, Congressional fees, merchandise, educational material, etc.

Section 5. KEOMT organization is solely responsible for its finances. The KEOMT organization will be solely liable for any debt it assumes or accumulates. Personal liability of any member, or member of the board, is explicitly excluded.

Article VIII: Amendments and Dissolution

Section 1. Amendments

KEOMT Bylaws may be amended in whole or in part by electronic ballot vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the return ballots, providing a copy of the proposed amendment(s) has been sent to all Members at least thirty (30) days prior to the ballot return deadline. The amendments shall be in effect only after ratification of the voting process by the Executive Board.